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Virtual memory, introduction When we think about virtual memory , first thing is coming to our mind is, what is actually virtual memory? . Ideology of the virtual memory is really powerful and useful in computer science. Memory management and its address spaces are depended with each other. In early computers there were not any kind of caches to get better and faster connection with CPU. Early virtual memory was appeared in mainframes and super computers and then after 1980 virtual memory was used in personal computers . Principle of the virtual memory is based on address spaces and paging terminology , In computers CPU’s speed is really fast to compare with RAM and main memory for that reason three levels of…show more content…
For example speed of CPU but sometimes we use a lot of programs in that condition we PC needs more memory spaces to generate programs , this method is called virtual memory . using of virtual memory big amount of the memory is generated from the main memory and set of addresses which is called address space is used that in RAM .Recently cache can store common part of the RAM Which is accessible for fast speed . It means that memory access is much slower than speed of CPU , in RAM it is imaginary situation that 3 GHz access because now RAM access speed is not very fast like that for that reason we need to use cache . RAM has fixed size of memory but when we use big and number of programs we need to use also extra memory access , for example In RAM has 2 GB memory but we need 8GB memory to use other programs in that statement how we can use it properly . Good idea might be to use disk for accessible memory for programs , Interesting point could be that we can have extra memory like extending of RAM ,it is fast like a cache . Expanding memory access was called “virtual memory” for clarifying it cannot be real RAM memory but it is fake .Bad site of the disk space of memory…show more content…
During for long period of time personal computers didn’t use this concept , instead of computers usually mainframes used virtual memory , Actually virtual memory is extending of RAM (Random access memory ) and of course using programs might not be care about it is virtual or real memory . After that, this concept is used for idea of memory protection; it means that using programs always use memory space consisting of great deal of addresses. According to some specialists of operating system development area , virtual memory can help some programs to prevent itself and interfering other programs that can be different . When user programs shares extra memory and organizes, in that case it is also

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