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After reading plenty of sources, I have a fair idea about how to answer my research question and structure my essay. The statistics and examples provided in the sources (listed in the previous section) will be used to back up my case and answer all the questions related to my main research question. In addition, I hope to include my own findings to prove my claims. For this an anonymous online survey will be conducted for university students. Some questions I intend to ask are: a. Do you know about space exploration and its benefits? b. Do you know how much money the U.S. government is investing in NASA? c. Is the use of these funds being justified? If not, state why? d. Should NASA’s funding be raised? The results obtained will be thoroughly analyzed through graphs and these charts will be compared to those that are in my sources. This analysis is going to be incorporated into my essay to support my ethos and logos arguments. My paper will be structured in such a way that all the arguments/problems are listed first. This will then be followed by a series of possible solutions, a counter argument and lastly, a conclusion. The detailed outline is provided below: OUTLINE Thesis: The stagnation in…show more content…
Space exploration has developed new technology that has improved our daily lives in numerous ways. A. There have been vast improvements in the field of health and medicine. 1. One example is the ventricular assist device. This device works as a heart pump on patients waiting on a heart transplant. The device pumps blood throughout the body to keep it functioning until a suitable donor is available (NASA, 2008). 2. Another example is the invention of comfortable artificial limbs. This was initially used for robotic NASA’s robotic activities, but is a solution for people and animals in need of limbs (NASA, 2008). 3. Space technology has also allowed the growth of spare body parts such as kidneys and limbs from tissues using a microgravity bioreactor (Piantadosi,

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