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How to Prepare Alkaline Water to Treat Cancer, Digestive Problems and Fatigue Alkaline water is extremely beneficial because the body need to be a bit alkaline. However, nowadays, people have acidic bodies. The bodies of some people are even extremely acidic. The acidity is caused by the food that we consume, some environmental factors and stress. The reason why it is so important to keep your body alkaline is that this makes it less likely to suffer from weight gain, digestive problems and fatigue. Moreover, if the acidity of the body’s environment lasts for a longer time, the healthy cells in the body will become toxic and in the worst case cancerous. How does alkaline water function? The pH scale goes from 0 to 14 with 14 being the…show more content…
However, he also showed that acidosis is also connected to osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and all the other chronic diseases that we know. How to recognize acidity of the body? You can determine acidity by using a pH paper and perform a saliva test. You can also pay attention to the following symptoms: • Chronic fatigue • Feeling that you don’t have enough air • Cramping or pain in the muscles after a short walk • Running out of breath easily When the pH levels become too low, the body tries to balance them and stores acidic substances in the lungs, liver or kidneys. The acid substances then start to attack the cells and make them sick, damaged and toxic. As time passes, the cells start to metastasize or grow and spread to other organs in the body. When is your diet too acidic? Nowadays, alcohol, sugar, highly processed foods and caffeine lead to acidosis. The growth hormones, pesticides and additives also contribute to the acidity. Changing your diet and cleansing the body with alkaline water are the best ways to get rid of acidity. The body consists of 70% water, so alkaline water can lead to homeostasis. Preparing alkaline water Needed

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