Queen Isabella I Of Spain

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Queen Isabella I of Spain is considered a saint. She was an incredible leader in her faith. She was a Godly woman devoted to her kingdom and religion.She was a great leader who had much courage. She was a woman who wasn’t afraid of getting turned down. Isabella was a very artistic lady in history. She did not only help her people, but those that had a dream of a better life and education.She is considered a hero for many people, especially women . Queen Isabella helped start the America we know today,helped bring Spain together , was a great Catholic who had extreme faith towards God, and was very big on rights of woman and education. Queen Isabella is a hero still and was a very important leader who left a tremendous legacy on America…show more content…
Isabella had a choice in weather to sponsor Christopher Columbus’ trip to America (History World). Her and King Ferdinand took four years to respond to him. After constant begging, they agreed (Medieval Queens). America brought them great wealth and helped them spread religion (Medieval Queens)(Facts Barn) (Amanda, My Hero) . When Columbus got to America many native “Indians” were brought back as slaves. Isabella refused to take these people into slavery. She greatly insisted, that the natives be returned to their homeland. She had a heart towards people and was a very kind, generous woman who cared not only about her generation, but the generations in the future. In her will, she requested that the Indians would be treated just as well as the Spanish people(Medieval Queens)(Facts Barn)(About Education, Joan Lewis) (My Hero) . In America, Queen Isabella was considered “Mother of America” (Chase Roy) ( My Hero Amanda) .She was the first woman on a US. coin and a statue was made in her honor. Queen Isabella spread her religion to America. Before her death, she created churches for the explorers to give God praise.Although she didn't know it yet, the ‘New World’ would be a huge success from her. Because of her we have…show more content…
One example of this is when she inherited the crown of Castile. King Henry had picked her to rule on his throne and arranged a marriage for her. She disagreed with this and married against his will but inherited the throne anyways. She was a strong woman who did what she wanted and what she thought was best for her. Her husband, King Ferdinand disagreed with this (on the grounds of masculinity rather than seniority) and thought that the crown should have been his, but the nobles of Castile supported Isabella on taking over the kingdom. This proved that a woman could do anything they put their mind towards. After the Reconquista she kept her power and was named "Reina Catolica"(New World). She earned this title from Pope Alexander VI . Queen Isabella not only supported men’s education but woman’s also. For education she had a passion. She became proficient in Latin in her thirties. She encouraged scholars at her court and setup palace schools(About Education) . When she had her children she made sure to have a woman heir to the throne and gave all of her children equal opportunities(New World). Her most crazy daughter became queen and gave birth to other important figures such as the Holy Roman Emperor. She influenced future generations

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