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The Queen’s Vow written by C. W. Gortner, describes the life of Isabella of Castile; and although very detailed, most of it is fabricated. The novel is a secondary source, of historical fiction, which is why most of the story is fabricated, it is meant to entertain a reader and provide insight for what was going on in that era. Gortner goes on to tell the story of one of the most controversial queens, Isabella, who was also famous for uniting a fractured country as well as the person who sent Columbus to discover a New World. In The Queens Vow, Isabella is described as a very atypical character from the very beginning. The story begins when she is at her early stages in life, and instead of being inside learning to sew and churn better and…show more content…
In 1479, King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile married, and united to rid the Muslims form The Granada. The Reconquista was a brutal conflict fueled in part by the devotion to Christianity and also the desire for land and profit. It was not just a war between kingdoms but a crusade against anyone who believed in anything other than Christianity. The Inquisition was a judicial institution that tried to seek out, and sentence people that the Roman Catholic Church believed to be guilty of being fake Christians. In Muslim-controlled Iberia, Christians and Jews had the freedom to choose what they believed in. The Christian rulers did not return the favor. The men who fought in the Reconquista were convinced that they were superior to those who rejected Christianity, and they developed rules, stating that since they were superior they had the right to enslave the people they conquered. Once Spain was re-conquered, Muslims and Jews were forced to convert to Christianity or be removed from Spain. The Reconquista was completed in 1492, although the Inquisition was over until

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