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Over the past hundreds of years, strong countries such as Spain have colonized foreign lands. With new lands being discovered the more new things were being discovered too. The cost of exploring and making the trip to the new land might be expensive, but colonization is worth the cost. I agree that colonization was the cost because the new world had much to offer the people of Spain such as gold, metals, land and many more. I agree that sending Christopher Columbus to the new world was worth the cost because the new world had beautiful mountains, great farms, gold, metals and other interesting things. According to the article (Christopher Columbus Letter to Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain) Columbus sent back letters that described the landscape of the new lands and what he also found like gold and metals. To colonize new land means you get to explore and find all the new elements of the environment. When Columbus met with the Native Americans, he exchanged valuable things for trifles which later led to inventions that we use today. Because the king and Queen of Spain let Columbus explore the new land, he got to see what it had to offer which…show more content…
Antonio de Montesinos addressed the colonists with an upset attitude because they treated the Native Americans poorly (according to the article: Antonio de Montesinos sermon delivered in church Date: 1511) while Columbus found many interesting riches and a different type of environment in the new world (according to the article: Christopher Columbus Letter to Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain). Despite these contradictions, Columbus actually did a more productive action by going and exploring the new world to help and improve his country Spain. People are designed to make mistakes and therefor are not perfect but Columbus’s actions show that his goal is for the greater

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