The Four Voyages Of Christopher Columbus: From Hero To Villain

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Lauren Freeborn EUH 1000 Columbus Essay Professor Dr. Stone Four Voyages Every year in the United States, Christopher Columbus is celebrated for being the man the discovered America. Kids are taught at a very young age on how great Columbus was. Its not emphasized enough on how brutal of a man he actually was. As a maritime explorer Christopher Columbus sailed the Atlantic sea in efforts to establish permanent settlements with financial support from the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella. Columbus left Spain for his four voyages utilizing three small ships: the Pinta, Santa Maria, and Niña. In 1492 Christopher “discovered” the Americas becoming an instant celebrity. This analysis of “The Four Voyages of Christopher Columbus,” will show how he turned from hero to villain in juts twelve short years. On August 3, 1942 Christopher Columbus set sail for his first voyage with expectations to travel to the Indies. In Columbus’s first letter he summarizes all his discoveries and achievements. “As soon as I came to the Indies, at the first island I seized some natives, intending them to inquire and inform me about things in these parts.” (193).…show more content…
“This second expedition was designed to relieve the men who remained there, to settle more colonists and to conquer the island together with all the others that had been discovered and those that they hoped remained to be discovered.” (170) During this time Christopher made the accusation that the native Caribs were cannibals. They had skulls and remains of humans in their straw shelters. Columbus set sail once again bringing along more captives, mostly women for sex. One of the incidents reported in Columbus’s letter was about a beautiful Carib woman who was raped by Lord Admiral. “She was unwilling, and so treated me with her nails that I wished I had never

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