The Importance Of The Inquisition

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What is an inquisition? An inquisition is a period or prolonged and intensive questioning or investigation. However the Spanish inquisition was placed in order to withhold Catholic orthodox in Spain and rid anyone who opposed the orthodox. One of the reasons the inquisition was so important is because it made sure Spain was completely catholic and united the kingdom under one religious banner. Next point is that anyone who opposed the inquisition was either questioned and brainwashed and turned catholic or tortured and or killed. The final point is that this that the inquisition was ruled by many different cities coming together as one kingdom and this helped unite Spain once and for all. These three reasons show why the Spanish inquisition was one of the most important part of the Middle Ages. (References: At one point is Spanish history most of all of Spain was under one…show more content…
The Spanish inquisition was not ruled by one person in the beginning it was ruled by many different small kingdoms that later came together and made one whole Spanish empire and all of this empires might was devoted to the inquisition. Once the capital Madrid got approved for the inquisition king Ferdinand and queen Isabella started recruiting many different kingdoms to the cause and by the time that the grand inquisitor was elected and but into office the inquisition had enough support from other kings and queens that it was now strong enough that it could've ruled all of Spain with an iron fist and thus began the triumph of the inquisition. With the inquisition in place many kings were forced to get along with each other but with this sure there were arguments amongst the ranks of the inquisition but in general this inquisition brought many kings closer together because they finally realized they were fighting for a good cause and the same cause. (References:
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