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Born in an impoverished kingdom of Castile in Spain, Isabella I of Castile rose to become one of the most powerful queens in the Middle Ages. She helped her kingdom by enforcing a criminal reform (much like the modern police), controlled the excessive minting of coins, changed the Counsel, made educational institutions, united Spain, and sponsored Columbus. She was very intelligent and politically active and along with her husband Ferdinand led Spain in a Spanish Golden Age. Isabella I was born in Madrigal de las Atlas Torres, Ávila. Her father was John II of Castile, her mother was Isabella of Portugal, and her younger brother was Alfonso. She also had a half-brother Henry who ascended to the throne as Henry IV of Castile after her father…show more content…
Granada was basically a Muslim province, so when they were done with their conquest, they wanted to set a standard religion. So that Spain will be united even more. That started the Spanish Inquisition which got rid or tortured anyone with a religion other than Catholicism. Back at the kingdom, Isabella’s first major reform was in law regulation, she made “brotherhoods” that regulate the law and patrol the roads and country sides to punish wrong doers. She also furthered the regulation of laws by stationing the two officials in Galicia. This produced great results, the officials managed to drive over 1,500 robbers out of Galicia. Before that Galicia was full of robbers, infesting highways and oppressing smaller towns and…show more content…
It was imperative that the nobles would not get passed down that right, because corruption will occur. Queen Isabella was very passionate about education. She was educated at a young age in reading, spelling, writing, grammar, mathematics, art, chess, dancing, embroidery, music, and religious instruction. She also entertained herself with art, embroidery, and music. Later in life, when she was thirty five, she learned Latin. She also educated her daughters and sons. On the palace, she was insistent in setting up schools for the scholars at her

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