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Non verbal cues is the sending and receiving of messages without a word being uttered these includes facial expressions, signs, body language, gestures sometimes the posture can also send a message. This kind of communication is very important in a group and reveals the relational aspect of the group, intentions are feelings are revealed through non verbal communication. According to the class lecture 38% of communication is voice, 7% is verbal, and 55% is facial. Non verbal cues both has its advantages and disadvantages, people read different meanings to non verbal cues. Non verbal cues in a group meeting can cause both a good and a bad vibe. “Non verbal communication variables are important to small…show more content…
When one raises an eyebrow during a group meeting it just makes the leader or whoever that is speaking at that time uncomfortable, it means that the individual raising an eye brow disapproves of whatever is going on in the meeting. Stamping the foot is more of reaffirming a negative decision, I remember I was at work one time and we had a group meeting just before we left for home, so I told my manager that I wouldn’t be able to make it for my next shift. He first thought I was joking, then I told him how serious I was and he declined and said I must be at work for my next shift, so it turned into an argument and then he stamped his foot on the ground then, I knew he was serious and affirmed his…show more content…
This non verbal cue always sends a negative signal to people around and also to the person speaking. Most times, when we are in a group meeting it is advisable for us to be careful with our non verbal communication. Everyone wants a good rhythm and vibe in a group, and it all depends on how our interest in the conversation. Sometimes we disagree, which is perfectly fine. Non verbal clues are quick ways to send a message and they can also be vague and misread at the same

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