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Queen Isabel I of Spain participated in the discovery of Latin America by funding Christobl Colon’s exhibition to the America’s. Queen Isabel was born on April 22, 1451 in the town of Madrigal de las Altas Torres. She was the daughter of John II King of Castile who was a strict Roman Catholic. Isabel was also brought up in her mother’s home country Portugal. In 1460 Isabel’s older brother Henrique became King of Castile- Leon, but he was very unpopular. In 1469 Isabel married Ferdinand II of Aragon. Isabel became Queen in 1474 and her and her husband ruled their countries as separate kingdoms. Cristóbal Colón was born in 1451 in the territory of the Republic of Genoa although this does remain disputed. Colόn had spent much time searching for someone to fund his exhibition. Originally, Colόn asked for money from rulers in Genoa and Venice in Italy and then he asked the King of Portugal. When he originally tried Isabel and Ferdinand they both said no to the request because they still had one problem they needed…show more content…
Colόn visited her there to enlist support for the voyage that was to result in the European settlement of America. Colόn told Queen Isabel that if she funded his expedition and it ended up successful he would put any profit that he made toward “a glorious new crusade to the Holy land to wrest the holy Christian sites from infidel.” Colόn managed to secure only partial financial support from her. Isabel and her councilors would receive credit for making the decision to approve this significant voyage. The terms in which the expedition was to set out to discover a new route to the Indies were drawn up on April 17, 1492. The New World that was explored as a result of that decision was, with papal confirmation, appropriated to the crown of Castile, in agreement with the current practice in regard to such previous Atlantic discoveries such as the Canary

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