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Acid Rain and it’s Effect on Agriculture Dear Chief of the UAE Ministry of Environment and water, My name is Wasfi Khaled Al Jaouni and I would very much like to explain and elaborate the effects of Acid rain to our wonderful country (United Arab Emirates) and how it is caused: How is it caused? Acid rain is caused by the release of the gases (sulphur dioxide) and (nitric oxides). The main sources of nitric oxide emissions are vehicles and fuel combustion (Chemical reaction) Sulphur dioxide reacts with water vapour and sunlight to form sulphuric acid. Just like Sulphur dioxide, nitric oxides forms nitric acid in the air. These reactions can takes hours, or even days, during this time polluted air may even move hundreds of kilometers especially…show more content…
starting with the source of it all it pollutes the air including oxygen which sickens many living things we may find within our natural habitats.The acidic nature of acid rain leaches plant nutrients out of the soil and can make it less productive for agriculture in our area . Soils with high levels of alkaline , such as those containing calcium carbonate or limestone, can neutralize the acids and are less sensitive due to the acid within the rain . Other soils normally contain the minerals that plants need to grow, but the acid in acid rain dissolves them and replaces the minerals with hydrogen. When the plants absorb water that normally contains the minerals, they get hydrogen instead and can't grow as large or as quickly as before. In severe cases, this lack of minerals can kill the…show more content…
As acid rain flows through soils in a watershed. So, as pH in a lake or stream decreases, low pH are directly toxic to fish. What’s more, low pH can cause stress disease that may even kill individual fish, but leads to lower body weight and smaller size and makes fish less able to survive, reproduce and grow in habitat. However some types of plants and animals are able to tolerate acidic waters. Others, though are acid-sensitive and will be lost as the pH declines. Generally, the young of most species are more sensitive to environmental conditions than adults. At pH 5, most fish eggs cannot hatch for reproduction. At lower pH levels, some adult fish get sick and even die. Some acid lakes have no fish. However different animals can tolerate different amounts of a pH level. Most fish can tolerate pH of 4, Shellfish can tolerate a pH level of 6 due to most their adaptations to withstand alkaline water And insects can tolerate just over the same amount of acid. However frogs are the kings of the land when it comes to acid rain, because acid rain can become as high as a pH of 3 making rain possibly 40 - 1000 times more acidic frogs can withstand acid rain like a wall. Although they don’t die from acid rain some can rarely even get sick

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