How Beddor Change Alyss In The Looking Glass Wars

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How does Beddor change Alyss’ characteristics in the book? Beddor uses conflict, imagery, and diction to describe Alyss’ character. However Beddor changed Alyss from being a childish little girl to becoming a queen. In The Looking Glass Wars, Beddor shows Alyss being one person to becoming a whole new person. In The Looking Glass Wars, Beddor uses diction, imagery, and conflict, to reveal Alyss’ character. In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as dependent, creative, and adventuress. She is to be the next queen; however, she is far too dependent on her parents. The author states, “King Nolan and his men ambushed as they approached Heart Palace, Redd marched up to him….killing her father” Alyss cried because of knowing that her…show more content…
Alyss is considered recalled because in the text it states, “Never forget who you are Alyss.” (Beddor 149). Alyss’ mother tells her this before she died. What Alyss’ mother is telling her is to never give up, be the person you are, and never forget the person that you are. You can see that Alyss is most likely very upset, so she thinks she sees her mother but she’s just seeing a memory. In the text, “You’re the cruelest man I’ve ever met, Mr. Dodgson, and if you had believed a single word I told you, you’d know how cruel that is! I never want to see you again! Never, never, never!” (Beddor 151) Alyss is betrayed. Alyss is very angry with what Mr. Dodgson has done. You can tell that Mr. Dodgson is a very cruel man. Since, Alyss is very upset about what he has done you can tell Alyss doesn’t want to talk to him and she probably hates him. In the statement “... her future seemed uncertain as her past had once been.” (Beddor 103) Alyss is lonely. You can tell this because getting married is making Alyss’ life uncertain. Therefore Alyss is confused and lonely. Alyss is confused when she has no idea what to do however, she becomes
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