Needs Assessment Action Research Study Sample

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The purpose of this study was to determine the need for community resources to assist released prisoners with making a successful community reintegration. The underlying purpose of the study focused on empowering the residents to initiate appropriate reentry, reintegration, and recidivism practices in their community. When community residents come together for a common cause and begin to initiate decisions which affect their lives and community, their objectives are achievable (Hindsworth & Lang, 2009). The needs assessment action research study utilized quantitative as well as qualitative methods in triangulation to ensure accurate, concise data collection, and analysis (Walsh, 2013). The qualitative method comprised a personal observation journal and focus group discussion. The quantitative method consisted of the needs assessment survey questionnaire. The process of triangulation consisted of analyzing all data collection tools; which is considered the integration of social phenomena thinking (Fielding, 2012). This chapter will highlight the findings of the needs assessment, the personal observation journal, and the focus group discussion along with their implications. There will be a discussion of future follow up of the research study as well as the associated limitations of this study. Summary of the Results…show more content…
Therefore, it is essential that community constituency pressure comes to bear on the politicians to develop the needed community resources to assist the prisoners who are being released to their community. Consequently, releases occur in disproportionate numbers in minority communities than non-minority communities. Furthermore, discussion of future recommendations requires the inclusion of the aforementioned
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