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Plutarch’s book has two main sections, a “LIVES” section and a “SAYINGS” section. In his LIVES section, Plutarch explains the lives of four famous kings of Sparta. Them being Lycurgus, Agesilaus, Agis, and Cleomenes. Lycurgus was a big person in early Spartan history as he was one of the people that formed Sparta’s laws and principles. Agesilaus became king during 400-360 BC and thought to be a great commander and king. Agis ruled 265 - 241 BC where he removed debt, thought to revive Lycurgus’s constitution, and later being the first king of Sparta to be executed. Cleomenes ruled 235 – 219 BC and was inspired by Agis thought on reformation and wanted to reform Sparta, lost the Battle of Sellasia and fled Sparta. He was placed in house arrest in Alexandria and escaped, trying to start a revolt and received no support, finally, committing suicide to avoid capture. While, in the “Sayings” section, Plutarch has quotes from many Spartan kings and known citizens. Plutarch’s main thesis of “On Sparta” was the fame…show more content…
The reader doesn’t need to know how far of a descendant one child is, all they need to know is of whom their parent is and what caused them to come to power. Later events would take place throughout the story of their life. The author of “On Sparta” is Plutarch. Plutarch’s bias would consist of the people he listed and wrote about. Surely Sparta had more than four famous people known that influenced Sparta and its culture. Leonidas was talked about throughout the book and is arguably more well-known than some of the people in this book. Surely, Plutarch should have gave Leonidas a section with how much of an influence he had the people throughout the book as a great

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