Vietnam Gender Roles

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In our world, in every society, there is an implied, green monster that looms over us. It affects our thoughts, feelings toward others, and create limits to what we can do. The monsters name is gender roles. This ideal, which may only be implied, limits our actions. Especially the actions of women. Since women are held to this standard of just being women, e.g. feminine, reliant, submissive, it doesn’t give them much room to grow as humans. They are being held back because there is a preconceived notion of how woman are supposed to act or look. This is especially true for many cultures in Asia, where women can be seen sometimes as an object. I will look at the role of wives in Vietnam, how women are portrayed in Japanese dating simulation games, and maybe a more accurate representation of female characters in “Kikis Delivery Service” by Hayao Miyazaki.…show more content…
While the wife is held up to the position of caregiver of the family, she is also meant to be the submissive one. If the wife were to question her husband about his affairs, it would be seen as she is the one bringing embarrassment to the family, not the husband. This is directly represented in a Vietnamese folklore story: The wife says to the husband's sweetheart: "Mang non nhuvdgàdông. Thrchoimnrnxemchongveai." You're the bamboo shoot [young]; I'm a field hen [old and experienced]. Let's fight and see who'll win him. The son says to his

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