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Before reading No Safety in Numbers by Dayna Lorentz, I thought that being trapped in a mall would be fun, but I quickly realized how dangerous and limited everything would be. The story of a busy shopping mall becoming quarantined due to a bomb scare is told by four teenage characters inside the mall who unexpectedly cross paths. The story tells about each character’s problems and worries throughout the time they are trapped in the mall. The characters use resources to find out as much as they can about why they are stuck in this mall and how much longer they will be there. They eventually find out that the bomb is making people in the mall sick. The characters have to deal with trying to keep themselves, their friends and their families composed throughout the story. This book is a mystery. I thought that this book was…show more content…
I liked that each chapter was told from the point of view of one of the four different characters. I also liked that the author showed how the emotions of the characters changed over the course of the story. At the beginning the characters were optimistic and had hope that the mall problem would be solved within a few hours and they would get to leave. Their feelings progressed to show a more curious tone, wondering what the problem was and how much longer until they were let go. The book finished with a more displeased and angry tone. Another part of this book that I liked was how the author was able to change writing styles for each of the characters. Since the book was told from the thoughts and feelings of four different people, the author made it easy for the reader to differentiate between each of the characters when the book was told from their view. I found this skill impressive because most authors write multiple books with the same writing style, but Dayna Lorentz was able to change the way she wrote and the words she used between

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