The Role Of Responsibility In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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To start of the conversation, I would like to define what responsibility is; the responsibility is the opportunity or ability to do something independently and the decisions must come from you. It is also something that you are told to do and have to fulfill on your own; you cannot get rid of it, by giving that responsibility to others. The responsibilities to us are plenty but some of them that are precisely important are respecting others, not discriminating, and situate a superior environment to live. In order to meet all these goals to set an enhanced example of responsibilities to the future generation, we have to earn it by working hard towards it. As we all know, every single decision that we make can either directly or indirectly affect the future generation. Hence, we should make excellent choices that will not affect future generation negatively. For example, by planting more plants now it will eliminate the pollution from the air and will not affect next generation to have polluted environment. Also, one of the main responsibilities is to step up and raise voice against the immoral occurrence in the community or nation. For example, in the literature, "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson, in this story we know that there is this tradition of winning the lottery which…show more content…
Even little kids in that story knew at the beginning of the lottery what is the process and therefore, they had already started to pile up the rocks hence, they can throw at the person who wins the lottery. This is not what we want the future generation to go through just because this tradition has been running through a lot of years does not mean we have to continue and pass it onto our offspring. Those people should have stood up against this depraved tradition to enhance the future for coming generation. Since, none of us would like to see this injustice happening to our offspring we should definitely make differences in the world by stepping up against

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