Puritans Persecution In Colonial America

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In the Colonial Period, the Puritans fled religious persecution in Europe, but did not establish that same freedom in the American Colonies. In today's world we are also very hypocritical of others religions, ideas, and cultures. On the other hand, as an American, one wants to be forward-thinking and open, but at the same time we reject different ways of thinking that are not in sync with our beliefs. The Puritans were fundamentalists, they obsessed over sin, and the idea of Heaven and Hell. The Puritans were haunted by the devil in their religiously sound lives, and ending up in hell. Their lives were dominated by pursuit of a perfect lifestyle, not giving any other man, woman, or child more power than God. The obsession drove the Puritans to see the devil in everything and pushed them to accusing neighbors of witchcraft. In the Crucible any suspicious tendencies always lead to the accusation of witchcraft. Any odd actions are always caused by being caught in the Devil's snare.“She cannot bear the Lord’s name, Mr. Hale; that’s a sure sign of witchcraft afloat.” (Miller, 35)…show more content…
The puritans established a model society, better than all the rest, they set up restrictions that controlled the activities that could take place on Sunday. They also With the paranoia of sin constantly on their shoulders, the Puritans began to control a lot more of what was allowed to do. The organ and all musical instruments were banned from services. The Puritans were driven by fear, all of their acts were to please God, they accused their neighbors of sin and Witchcraft, and they did not practice religious tolerance or
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