Spanish Vs English Colonization Research Paper

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Spanish VS English Colonization The two primary countries colonizing the New World before 1763 were Spain and England. The two powers had different reasons and goals for settling in the Americas, as well as varying regions. The Spaniards were originally searching for a new and direct sea route to Asian nations for easier and more accessible trade. The English were originally colonizing for economic profit and religious freedom while escaping religious persecution. With time however, both nation's objectives shifted to similar ideals. Spanish conquest of the Americas began in 1492 with Columbus's first voyage that landed in the West Indies. Spanish colonial efforts were with the endeavors of personal gain, unlike the English who with families.…show more content…
The first permanent English colony at Jamestown was founded with a profit motive. The Virginia company was not funded through royal patronage, but initially controlled by a joint stock company. Similar to Spain, however, most early Virginia settlers were male, young indentured servants seeking a better future in a land of limitless opportunity, this was not like the other English colonies like New England, which features families as he norm in local communities. Other English colonies were founded by religious groups fleeing harassment and danger in England or the continental wars of religion. The Pilgrims, Puritans, Quakers, and Huguenots all established separate communities, often making treaties with local natives. Unlike the Spanish, there was never a concerted effort to convert the native people (except the missionary activities of the Moravians with the Shawnee and Cherokee). A number of English colonists came in search of gold or silver like they heard of from the Spanish, but they found nothing, instead, the established profitable enterprises like the cultivation of tobacco and rice, shipbuilding, lumber, and New England fishing. Also unlike the Spanish, the diversity of these financial structures resulted in a greater long-term sustainable profits for

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