Religious Freedom In Colonial America

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Religious Freedom V.S Economic Opportunity During start of the 17th century, England started its colonization in America so called the “English colonization”. They started out by settling three main colonies; Virginia, settled by the second sons of wealthy men seeking for gold was located in the south, Pennsylvania settled by the Quakers a religious minority that valued religious freedom in the middle colony and Massachusetts established by the Puritans; the religious minority of England, was in the north. There are two main factors that dramatically impacted the English colonization that are religious freedom and economic opportunity. From these two concepts, religious freedom clearly had a greater impact on colonial America. There…show more content…
In Colonial America, after the Puritans earn their religious freedom, they thought of education as a primary need because they wanted their children to carry on their religion and being able to read the bible was an essential part of it. According to BBC, the grand court required every town that consisted of at least 15 families, an elementary school was mandatory (Why). Because of this early education, according to Mises Institute, Massachusetts once had the literacy rate of 98% during the 1850’s and in 2003 had had the rate of 97%(Free). But colonies that valued their economy more than their education and religious freedom such as Virginia currently is suffering a literacy crisis in which 2% of the adult population can’t read or write English at all, and 10% of the adult population are missing a high school credential (Virginia). Moreover, the universities in the north west of America tend to be the most highly educated one, an example of this is the ivy league a group of long-established colleges and universities in the eastern US having high academic and social prestige (All). The American law is also drastically affected by religious freedom, as it encourages it. The first amendment of the constitution states Congress shall make no law respecting an…show more content…
Nevertheless, there are many ways that the Virginian society was affected by their intolerance in other religion such as the religion of the Powhatans. And that was one of the reasons why they had bloody conflicts with the Powhatans. One of the factors of why the Virginians mistreated their African slaves was because their slaves were resistant to christianity and were often forced to build churches worsening the relationships between slave owners and slaves

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