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My Academic and Personal Strengths as a Potential Social Worker As a potential social worker, I believe that I have a wide variety of strengths both personally and academically that would aid in my carrier. I intend to outline here those strengths that I believe are the most valuable as it relates to my becoming a social worker. Active listening, critical thinking, attention to detail, problem solving, effective communication and assertiveness are a just a few of the skills required of a good social worker. So far, I have earned an overall GPA of 3.5. This achievement could not have been possible without my being successful in all of the above mentioned areas. I take great pride in being an honor student and plan to bring the same level of dedication and excellence that I put toward my education to the families and communities that I will be serving as a social worker.…show more content…
Poverty, discrimination, abuse, divorce, unemployment, homelessness, mental illness – I have managed to survive them all and more. As a result I have a deep sense of empathy for persons facing these situations and a genuine desire to help them overcome their sufferings. I have found that my level of empathy, understanding and sincerity towards people both in these situations and from these cultural environments results in my ability to build trust with them as well as earn their respect. All of this combined, in my opinion, is the cornerstone to both a person allowing you to advocate for them and allowing you to guide them in making life changing decisions. Having a degree and a job title is not enough to earn the trust and respect of these individuals. You must also possess the life experience and express a willingness to help. How I Plan to Deal with My Bias towards Social Problems that are likely the Most Challenging for Me to

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