The Triangular Trade Analysis

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Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore was an English man who was born on August 8, 1605. He inherited the Province of Maryland after his father died and established and managed it from his own home in Europe. He made his brother the first governor of the colony and sent with him a set of instructions telling him how to govern Maryland which were called “Instructions to the Colonists by Lord Baltimore” and later became the basis of Maryland’s laws. His father wanted everyone in Maryland to have religious tolerance and Cecil Calvert continued his legacy. Maryland became a safe place in the New World for Catholics during a time that religious persecution was going on in England. Act of Toleration was an act passed in 1689 that granted freedom of worship to Nonconformists (Baptists and Congregationalists) but not to Catholics or atheists. It allowed Nonconformists to have their own places of worship and their own teachers and preachers. Anne Hutchinson was a New England religious leader, mother of 15 and…show more content…
This sea route is called the triangular trade because on a map, the route to go from one port to another forms a triangular shape. . First, manufactured goods like cloth, tobacco, metal goods, and guns were moved from Europe to Africa in exchange for the African slaves. Next, the slaves were shipped to the Americas through the Middle Passage. During the Middle Passage too many slaves were fit into a ship and were treated like cattle. The heat was unbearable, they weren’t fed every day, disease was everywhere and there was nowhere for them to go to the bathroom so they often lied in each other’s feces and urine for usually 60 to 90 days. In the final stage of the triangular trade, the products of the slaves like cotton, sugar and tobacco were shipped back to

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