Rhetorical Analysis Of Women Rights Are Human Rights By Hillary Clinton

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay for “Woman Rights are Human Rights” by Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton feels strongly on her speech “Women Rights are Human Rights”. She gave her ideas to the public and suggesting’s for a change for women and families. Hillary persuades the public to strengthen families and societies by empowering women to take greater control over their own destinies. She also talked about in her speech that she participated in a world health organization forum. In order for Hillary Clinton to effectively address her concerns to the public about how women are not treated equally, she uses ethos, pathos, and logos. Hillary Clinton was effective in persuading the public because wants women to have rights as human beings. She provided information in how changes can be made in the rights of women and families. Hillary Clinton speech was compassionate because she wants to fight for the rights of women and families’. She wants to find a…show more content…
Why is that? Why are women forced to sell themselves into prostitution when they have nothing else to fall back on? This is where an education comes in. When you feel like you are worth something you walk with pride when you act as though you are the lower than the low you become and act worthless. As for myself I have never seen a prostitute but I have been in areas the were very questionable and made me wonder could they be here or not. What makes a woman do this to sell her body? What makes a man think he owns it this is what Mrs. Clinton has helped me to understand. Our rights are very vital and as we educate ourselves we can become strong and become a power and voice of more than just one this is how we can get laws changed. I struggles in college trying to better myself . However, I know I have the capabilities to better myself it is though extremely hard for me because people feel as though I am not capable of making decisions on my

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