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Throughout U.S. history Britain's policy of salutary neglect influenced the development of American colonies from 1607 to 1754. Colonists experienced extraordinary religious tolerance and freedom due to The Great Awakening. The Mayflower compact was a major theme in legislative assemblies. The Navigation Acts influenced trade with the policy. One important idea is how American society was developed. It will specifically be looking at how religion took part in the development, take a look at how commerce worked, and most importantly on legislative assemblies. Salutary Neglect influences on the colonies was critical to the development of many aspects within the American Society. Sure enough commerce was no special case. The newly established freedoms in legislature were responsible for managing colonial commerce, which relied extremely upon the Triangular Trade, foreign trade, and colonial trade. Through the british tried to control colonial trade with the Navigation Acts in 1650, procrastinated enforcement of these policies…show more content…
Delighted by their dividing from the Church of England new spiritual liberties led by Puritan colonists to desirably center the importance of open creed. With this perception focused in the minds of the colonists The Great Awakening began, spreading renown amongst salvation without persecution. In the early 1730’s this revelation toward the protestant religion, which had been taxed and unfairly elevated within England for the past decades, was finally concluded. Colonist could devout their beings into the divine sanctity of the “Holy Spirit”, and achieve salvation in their own manner. The freedom of worship boost the colonists who had been chronically oppressed by the greedy ideas of the Church of England were abolished in the new

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