Adultery In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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The Ten Commandments are religious rules or beliefs that show up in many of the world’s major religions. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all have their own form of the Ten Commandments, also known as the Decalogue, or rules by which everyone should follow. All three religions believe that adultery is a horrible offense that one should never commit. Adultery plays a huge role within The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorn, where two of Hawthorne’s characters, Arthur Dimmesdale and Hester Prynne, have committed one of the greatest sins known to the Puritan community in which they live. According to the community, Hester is the greatest sinner since they do not know that Dimmesdale has committed the same offense. Although the Puritan community…show more content…
He goes against what he believes in and his own integrity disintegrates as a result of his actions. Since he is a dedicated minister, he stays true by his morals and hardly ever goes against his own ethic. When Hester and Dimmesdale meet in the woods, Dimmesdale confesses to Hester, “Wretched and sinful as I am, I have had no other thought than to drag on my earthly existence in the sphere where Providence hath placed me” (172). Dimmesdale acknowledges how appalling his behavior is. He thinks that his own soul is lost, because he has gone against his faith and considers his actions awful enough so that he is punishable by death. He knows that he is an extremely sinful person and admits this to Hester. Even though Dimmesdale exhibits that he feels he must stay true to his morals, he does not do so. He preaches to others and advises them to follow their beliefs, but is a hypocrite and never takes his own advice. By not following what he believes in and telling others to do so, he feels exceptionally guilty. The guilt that Dimmesdale portrays throughout the book shows the reader how badly he has shattered his own integrity. Dimmesdale’s remorse overwhelms his thoughts everyday and makes him the greatest sinner as a result of him ceasing to follow his morals while telling others to do
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