Verizon Swot Analysis Paper

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AT&T - AT&T stands for American Telephone and Telegraph. It is an American telecom M N C and is the best in terms of communication in US as it provides mobile & fixed telephone and broadband services. It is a public company founded on 5th October, 1983. Its Headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, US. According to May 2014 records, AT&T is the 23rd largest company in the world as per its profits, revenues, assets and market value. VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS- Verizon is a public company earlier known as Bell Atlantic founded on 07th October, 1983. Its Headquarters is in New York, NY 10007 USA. Verizon is an American broadband and Telecom Company formed after AT&T. BALANCE SHEET OF AT&T Period Ending Dec 31, 2013 Dec 31, 2012 Dec…show more content…
• Quick Ratio-Quick ratio determines how quickly firm can convert its current assets into cash so as to meet its current liabilities. AT&T- 2013: QR= 0.46:1 2012: QR= 0.55:1 2011: QR= 0.55:1 Verizon- 2013: QR= 2.46:1 2012: QR= 0.79:1 2011: QR= 1.01:1 In AT&T the quick ratio is 0.55 in 2011 which remained the same in 2012 but has decreased in 2013 to 0.46 because of which the firm would find it difficult to pay its current liabilities. The company should maintain minimum 1:1 as quick ratio. In Verizon company, in 2011, the QR was good, i.e., 1.01 which has decreased to 0.79 in 2012 and had again gone up to 2.46 which is again a very good ratio to be maintained. Here again Verizon is doing well as compared to AT&T, as it is maintaining its quick assets whereas quick ratio of AT&T is decreasing year by year. • Inventory Turnover Ratio- This ratio indicates how fast inventory is sold by the company. The higher the ratio the better it is. Inventory Turnover Ratio= COGS/Average inventory AT&T- 2013: 5, 14, 64,000/11, 48,000= 44.83 2012: 53.30 2011: 48.29 Verizon- 2013: 4, 48, 87,000/10, 20,000= 44.01 2012: 43.05 2011:

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