Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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For my project interest group, I choose abortion. When it comes to my group identity, my group Illinois Federation for right to life identifies themselves as a diverse unaffiliated organization that has different members of all works of life and all political identification but all had one common goal, which was pro life. As long as an individual was pro-life nothing else seems to matter, they are welcomed to the organization. When it comes to what value that my group holds, they value love and respect. Since their main goal is to fight for people whom cant fight for them like senior citizens, individuals with disabilities and unborn children, its makes the most sense to value love and respect. When it comes to audience, my group since they are unaffiliated with any specific political party, they are not targeting any specific religion or party but individuals in general. As long as you are pro-life, you are a potential audience and target for the message dissemination that they are…show more content…
When it comes to the argument of pro-life and human life and dignity in general, the same constitution that they use to back their argument of free of life and etc. does the democrats use too in terms of it the woman body so its their right freedom of expression etc. Also, another rhetorical challenges that my group face is that they are unaffiliated, although it might be a good thing, it can also be a downside. I say that there lack of alliance would be an issue because if they had a specific group that they could identify with or can rely on, then the organization knows that there is a specific fan base that the can appeal to which can help with creation of audience target or message tailoring, since their isn’t a particular group that the have, their message appeal can be vague which can sometime not rely the message that the group is trying to send since they don’t have specific audience to

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