The Pros And Cons Of Utilitarianism

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Utilitarianism Utilitarianism is a type of theory that deals with the results alone to determine what is good. Utilitarianism was formulated by Jeremy Bentham, and later on Mill who also agreed on Bentham’s principle of Utilitarianism. Bentham’s principle “Greatest Enjoyment Principle: Maximize the pleasure for the greatest number of people. Such examples include torturing someone to save lives of many. Bentham’s quantify pleasure is based on examples such as intensity, fruitfulness, duration, and also certainty. Mills was also Utilitarian who rejected Kant’s Deontology, he however rejected Bentham’s quantify pleasure by quality; he believed pleasure depends on the quality. He believed people shouldn’t act as a swine. Utilitarianism is based on two major types which include act and rule. Act is based on objectively right, is based on producing better consequences, act which will…show more content…
As for the good pros, it also has major cons. One of the of cons is the great suffering on the few to help many, but what about justice? One the examples we discussed in class was “torturing someone to know the place of a bomb that was planted.” One other major con for Utilitarianism is “how can we know the results of the pleasure calculation?” Utilitarianism has major medical implications, three of the medical implications are truth telling by doctors is not mandatory, if it is thought to achieve greater good. One of the examples we talked about in class was “a women in hospital giving birth, when her husband gets into an accident and dies.” Moments as these doctors have the right to refuse and tell the women truth, because it can go horribly

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