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ISSUES ON JOBS, EDUCATION & IMMIGRATION There are two prominent presidential candidates for 2016. Hillary Rodham Clinton is from democrats and Chris Christie is from republican. I would like to elaborate their viewpoints on major issues like immigration, education & jobs. The sources of information is from the website “on the issues” and “local information media like TV & Newspapers”. First, I’ll express the views of Hillary Clinton and then following with Chris Christie. Hillary Clinton, a prominent lawyer by profession, a former first lady, a US senator and previous secretary of state is strong contender for 2016 presidential candidate. About Immigration policy: She’s very clear on various issues. About language, she doesn’t favors to make…show more content…
She supports early education of a child to start at home with parents as the best teachers and parents be guided accordingly. She outlined agenda for universal pre-kindergarten, no-child left behind and making college affordable for everyone. Children who can’t go to college should be given training and apprentice ship to enable them to earn their living. The right to education to everyone would bring down criminal activities in future. About teachers, she feels, only new teachers should be tested and good experienced teachers be honored and rewarded for their skills and performance. That will make teaching a respectful profession. She supports public school system. Regarding school safety, entire school staff should take responsibility and they should maintain discipline, keep watch on students to avoid diverting towards violence & criminal activities. The students who are beyond control and disrupt other students should be removed from school. There should be after school activities like sports to avoid joining in gangs. Students should have common prayers in the school and religious teachings be avoided. They should be given moral education at school and wear common uniform. She wants funds to raise classroom standards, more teachers in hard to serve areas, incentive for good performance and modernization of school…show more content…
He doesn’t want cut in government jobs too. Instead of increasing minimum wage, he favors better paying jobs and wants measures against sick leave & pension fraud. His policies in the state have reduced unemployment, increase in tax collection, and increase in sale of houses & increase in consumer spending. To increase business activities he wants tax cut for businesses, affordable health care for small businesses, cut red tape and excess in regulations and increase in public sector investment. On education front, Governor Christie wants good teachers, good schools, and more funds for education reforms. Instead of teachers union, he prefers good and well trained teachers. He wants accountability and salary regulations as per their efficiency. He supports private school system for better standards of education. He ignores the view that parents should contribute to primary education of kids at home. He wants charter schools to replace failing schools. I would like to compare & contrast the viewpoints of both the candidates

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