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A general definition of a healthcare practice manager is someone who is responsible for overseeing operations of medical practice. More specifically they are responsible for ensuring that healthcare facilities provide the most effective patient care.5 It is possible for healthcare practice managers to be employed by physician groups, pharmaceutical companies, health information technology companies, or insurance firms. There is really no limit as to where they can work. Depending on the setting, they may manage employees, oversee billing and insurance filings, maintain detailed records, and serve as a connection between administrators and medical staff.5 As with any career we choose there will always be pros and cons. Being a healthcare practice…show more content…
Ultrasound technician job duties vary across specialties, from monitoring the development of a fetus in utero to evaluating the passage of blood throughout a patient’s vascular system.4 What attracted me to this career is the monitoring of the development of a fetus. Seeing the joy on the parent’s face would be absolutely priceless. Like I had mentioned previously, there are pros and cons with any job. Some benefits of working as an ultrasound technician include quick education; you can receive great levels of training in about 15 months. Another benefit is salary. For not receiving a bachelor’s degree and still being able to make anywhere from $35,000 to $70,000 is beyond fantastic. Lastly, is the security within the career field. Data has shown that by 2016, the ultrasound technician will have to accommodate more than 200,000 human resources.2 By choosing this career, you are almost guaranteed a secure position for many years to come. So far an ultrasound technician seems like the perfect career, but what I have not discussed yet are the physical demands that are required, which leads me to some of the negatives that come with this career. The first one is the stress accompanied with the job, mental and physical. As an ultrasound technician you will have to deal with many patients every day. Many of the patients they deal with are pregnant women and often times children. The physical stress comes from the continuous standing and walking on your feet all day. Another physical stress can come from the movement of the portable sonography equipment to diagnose the patients who are unable to move. Similar to healthcare practice managers they may be required to work night shifts or overtime.2

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