Review Of The Essay 'Nothing Gold Can Stay'

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The Outsiders Essay Dakota Peterson Do you think gangs are a bad influence? This is a question to consider while reading this essay. The Outsiders tells a story of a 14 year old boy who’s trying to find what life really is. The book goes through a series of events following Ponyboy. The themes of the book is finding your true identity, family, and loses. Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” signifies the last theme accurately. We as a society could help fix this by giving kids places to hang out after school and something to give them the feeling of danger and excitement. Ponyboy is a 14 year old boy who can relate to all the themes has had a pretty unlucky life. his parents died so his brothers take care of him, he can’t figure…show more content…
Her boyfriend is the soc who beat up Johnny. Johnny ends up killing Bob and then Cherry can't face him even on his deathbed. As Cherry says to Ponyboy later in the book, “Things are rough all over”. She’s telling Ponyboy that it isn't just him who has a hard life. She relates to these themes because her parents are usually working and her boyfriend got killed. Johnny doesn't really have a family. His parents don’t really care about him so the gang is his family. He’s the gang’s pet. He eventually snaps and kills Bob. He and Ponyboy then run away for about 2 weeks and then come back heros by saving children from a burning church but Johnny gets sever burns. Johnny dies a couple days after. He had finally had a purpose and knew who he was but then died. This lead to Dally committing suicide by cop because Johnny was the only thing he was living for. Johnny had a rough live and most times didn't sleep in his house. Dally was his unknown protector and Johnny was the only reason he was still living and when he died Dally committed suicide by cop. When he’s about to die he says to Ponyboy “Stay gold Ponyboy”. He says this because Ponyboy has a rough life and he needs to keep noticing the good things about

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