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UV rays killing the amphibian population The problem Frogs are very important to human beings. They can be used as an indicator if something is wrong in their environment because of the fact they live both in water and land and are susceptible to disease they also contribute to our society by getting rid of some dangerous pests and being part of mostly medical research but also the teaching of kids about anatomy. The amphibian population is declining rapidly though. It is believed to be because frogs are being exposed to ultraviolet radiation and that leads to the creation of a cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer which is a molecular lesion that damages the frog's dna causing a significantly higher death rate and a slower time for the frogs to come out of the embryo9. As you can tell these are two of the biggest ways to reduce a population and so far UV is the prime suspect in the multitude of possibilities such as water pollution, habitat destruction, and even fungi. If this problem goes on we could see further extinction that could set back our research and impact the ecosystem in a very bad way sometimes prolonged exposure to radiation like this can even…show more content…
It used to be used in refrigerators in the 1800s but it stopped for this very reason. There have been many accidents resulting in a death, one being in Nebraska on Oct. 20th and the other in a Boston area Warehouse. This is probably what has been holding it back the most in our recent past. When you are using ammonia you must make sacrifices in terms of performance and safety. For one ammonia is extremely dangerous and must be used carefully, if not used carefully you can get a result of death or a very serious illness such as hyperammonemia4 ( a sickness which causes high amounts of ammonia in you blood as well as a multitude of symptoms such as shortness of breath and liver enlargement

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