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Journal 1 Right from the start of reading the title, it told myself that this book was to be about the characteristics to look for in a type of writing piece. In the introduction, Foster gives a quick example and explains how it can give off different connections to the main and central idea. Ever so often throughout the book he made his own questions and answered them, ones that most readers, including myself would ask. You could tell, like most professors he was once in the seat being taught because he would break down the key components and essential parts of literature, making sure he had examples for the reader so they would understand where he was going. Mr. Foster began his book with what I think is the most important part of books,…show more content…
An example could be markings or scars. physical markings by their nature call attention to themselves and signify some physiology the writer wants to make. A heart disease on the other hand is as simple as it gets. Used for pain, suffering, loneliness, or even regret. But not all diseases are created equal. Most diseases that characters encounter have a coded message or thematic statement to be known. AIDS for example has been used to create the mother lode of symbol and metaphor. Mainly because AIDS lies dormant for so long, then makes an appearance, but its ability to be dormant for so long is how it offers strong symbolic…show more content…
Turns out, my interpretations were as similar of the four of them, but can’t say they were in depth. For example, the setting was in New Zealand because of the type of food they ate, requiring some research to figure that out. The hat scene, I did make a correct interpretation. The hat given by her mother resembles a closer bond, that's why the mother asked Laura to go and give the charity food to the family, the scraps I might add, which is significant to the extend of measuring the difference between the two classes in this story. Like persephone, the mother is Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, fertility and magic which can be compared to the mother with the flowers in the garden, the food givings and the number of kids she has. This story can be characterized as the travels to the underworld, in the end of the short story, the mother sends “hermes” or the brother for Laura. Finishing this book has opened another eye to me of literature and actual meaning of different aspects. Now eating dinner is never eating dinner anymore. Even though Thomas C. Foster said this book only scratched the surface of all these codes, patterns and grammar, but over time with a little bit of practice, or a lot, all of these “rules” as he states it will become second

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