Propaganda In America Today

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The novel 1984, by George Orwell, is about a man named Winston Smith who comes to realize that he is living inside a dystopia. Near the beginning of the novel Winston notices the faults of his society and wishes that he could change them, so he bought a diary in order to document his thoughts that he could not express out loud or outside of his home. His job was to rewrite his nation’s history in whichever way the government wanted it, therefore was one of the few people who actually knew what was going on in this process. The everyday citizens of Oceania had no idea that they were being lied to, and went about their lived believing everything they read in the paper and taking it as fact. There were television broadcasts that played for the sole purpose of brainwashing people into loving “Big Brother,” the dictator who ruled over Oceania, and into hating the people targeted as enemies of the state. These broadcasts caused their viewers to unknowingly lose control and yell at the television screen. The government was sending propaganda through the television to brainwash the people for the purpose of controlling their thoughts.…show more content…
There are countless stories about unimportant news such as celebrity gossip, fashion, and what’s new with the Kardashians, yet we do not hear about significant events like how the United States is involved in many brutal conflicts in the Middle East. The public’s opinion of America is then altered and influenced by the angle the media takes on these current events. If left unchecked, could this not turn into a situation similar to that portrayed in

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