Ww1 Propaganda Poster Analysis

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During World War I, the U.S. government printed propaganda posters in the hopes to gain new soldiers and supportive citizens. Posters often encompassed themes that encouraged recruitment, patriotism and nationalism and as a result, troops, money and supplies were obtained. Unfortunately, this was achieved through bias and fictitious material. Facts on these posters were often testimonial and tended to fixate on the small-scale achievements rather than the stand-out lapses. The use of symbols and slogans were implemented, and within each poster, were carefully constructed sound bites that procured resources and promoted chauvinism. Regrettably, the governments underlying task Ergo, government broadcasts of were not publications of veracity.…show more content…
They used emotional appeals, aspersion, and even duplicity, to influence the public’s opinions. As a result, many Americans became both emotionally and financially invested: war bonds were purchased, time was invested, sacrifices were made. In the year 1916 propaganda reached its peek. Thousands of men were recruited and war was considered a noble deed. Posters such as, exhibited just how in tune advertisers were with their audience and their ability to influence a nation. Furthermore, posters such as these striped the public of individuality and free thinking. Instead of asking questions and challenging the facts America was put to sleep, heedless to the governments buried agenda. This is demonstrated when Thomas Wilson-America’s 28th president-rendered World War I as a l (KPL). Therefore, those who were even partially awake to the injustices of America were shut down and obliterated. On April 6, 1917, the U.S. joined its allies: Britain, France, Russia. Many Americans were not in favor of joining the war and wanted to remain neutral. However, opinions changed…show more content…
When propaganda is used in this way, to lie to the public and take their rights away as humans, and to manipulate them into enlisting as soldiers, thats when propaganda is used for evil. Propaganda like any tool has the potential for both good and evil and in this case it was used for evil. World War I signaled the end of Isolationism. Our belief in staying out of European affairs was disregarded due to economic greed. According to many, As a result of our selfishness, the U.S. lost men, resources and time. The British, as well as the French would have been able to win the war alone. Our involvement was unnecessary. However, that being said, propaganda during World War II was good in that it encouraged people to join the army based off of true events. The government did not directly lie to the public and joined to help humans rights get restored. If that had been the case during World War I then there would have been no problem, and America would not still be suffering today. Propaganda, like anything, can be abused. Its up to the people who implement this tool that are responsible for keeping it in check. The way the U.S. used propaganda was wrong because

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