The Catcher In The Rye: Holden Caulfield's Journey

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Alyssa Dushane Mrs. Rousse A.P English August 11, 2015 Each and every one of us embarks on a grand journey throughout our lives. Whether it spiritual or an actual journey moving from one place to another. The journeys we take in life, no matter how small continually change us and the lives we live. In J.D Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye, we experience Holden Caulfield’s journey. We learn to see his journey as an eye opener to the meaning of the novel as a whole. The meaning of the novel, in my opinion, would be the loss of innocence, the hardship of growing up, and being a critic to society. All of which Holden learns too well. But mostly I believe Holden’s journey leads to some type of self-actualization which he finds by going…show more content…
We learn quickly he is one to judge people quite harshly for their actions and automatically deem them as fake or “phony” as he would call it. You start to see this at the beginning of the novel while Holden is still at Pency Prep and he gives off the vibe of not quite liking anyone or having any real friends. The way he interacts with his roommate Stradler and the boy next door Ackley says enough how most of the time he is nice enough but inside his head he is harsh. He is also very opinionated on how people choose to live their lives how they present themselves to society he finds it to be fake. Most of his criticisms are aimed toward adults, how they pretend to be something they are not to impress, to give out a sense of being better than they actually are. However, in children Holden sees no flaws, they are exactly who they are supposed to be, themselves, and nothing fake or phony about them and that is why he wishes to protect them from growing…show more content…
He is stuck right between being an adult and adolescent. He feels the pressure of growing up, making a life for himself, his future is dawning on him and he is terrified. Throughout the novel we see sparks of it, we notice he doesn’t want to grow up and become something he is not or does not want to be. We can see Holden’s resistance to growing up in the way he acts around others; he seems to act irrationally and immaturely as a child would. He fears the responsibilities of getting older, the change into adult life, even becoming sexually active. He sees change as a bad thing. An example of this would be when he visits the museum and he describes how much he loves it because everything stays the same nothing moves and you are the one who is different each time you visit it. He believes some things should be kept the way they are and put behind a glass case just like in the museum referring to childhood and

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