Why Did Joseph Stalin Use Of Propaganda

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Propaganda has been used by individuals and communities of both high rank and lower class for centuries in order to insight ideas, initiate revolutions, and change minds. Throughout history, cultures have found that propaganda is capable of beneficial use and horrific misuse. Propaganda has been used in controversial matters, but it has also been used to promote things that are generally acceptable and good in a progressive culture. The soviet communist party, or the Bolsheviks, knew that strong propaganda was essential to increase control of the masses. Later, Joseph Stalin used propaganda as a tool to brainwash the Russian people to think he was a man of character, integrity and power. Citizens all over Russia were manipulated by Stalin’s propaganda every day because it became unavoidable through posters, information and street speeches. Although propaganda has been…show more content…
According to Stalin, “Other countries are 50 years ahead of Russia. We must make good this distance in 10 years.” This meant that Russia’s survival relied on the transformation to an industrious society according to Stalin. He encouraged experimentation in art (which conformed with Soviet policy), dissolved religion, and changed youth education. Through propagandist art, Stalin aimed to industrialize the country and create a strong economy (poster: Smoke of Chimneys is the Breath of Russia). This was so his propaganda spread positive messages about him to Russians while effectively censoring out criticism about him, thus brain washing citizens to believe that he is flawless, which resulted in them following his rule willingly. Stalin used a ruthless totalitarian style of government where he controlled the minds of Russian citizens through propaganda to effectively alter the culture and have complete

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