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Maisy The Taming of The Shrew was written in 1592 by William Shakespeare and exists today as a result of the timeless tale and also the depiction of the world in the Sixteenth Century. In recent years Gil Junger directed a film, Ten Things I Hate About You, which took the plot elements of The Taming, and appropriated them to suit a Twenty First Century audience. The two versions vary greatly, due to the values held by their respective composers, and the cultural and historical aspects which influenced these views. The Taming was written in a time where marriage was considered an economic investment rather than that of the modern day search for true love and happiness. The mediums in which the stories were told are also very different, Shakespeare’s…show more content…
Women had no say in their marriages, and an economic agreement would be made between the father and the groom. This idea is one which outrages most people living in modern society, a world of feminist movements and more equity in the roles of each gender. This is one of the main differences between The Taming and Ten Things. In The Taming, Katherina’s defiance to adhere to the societal expectations of her cause her to be described as, ‘Intolerable curst / And shrewd and froward so beyond all measure.’ (Act 1, scene 2, line 85) This is a clear example of how women were viewed during the time in which this play was written, and the place they held in society. In Ten Things, Kat is portrayed as a feminist, an advocate for equal rights in all aspects of life for both genders. Similarly to The Taming, Kat receives a lot of criticism for her defiance to the social norms. She is perceived as an outcast, and her feminist views cause her to be labelled as a, ‘”Heinous bitch.”’ This is a parallel which can be drawn between the two female protagonists; both are seen to be social outcasts because of their strong beliefs. Although they share this social isolation, the societies in which they face these issues are very

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