Propaganda In Captain America

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Many of us know about the All-American hero called Captain America, he has been seen all around the world on movie screens since 2011 and has been widely known even before this. The character’s patriotic persona is one that has been around since way before Marvel even existed. The main purpose of the fighting Brooklyn native was to up the American morale and encourage the United States to get involved in the war in Europe. This influence is still strong today and has taken shape in many different fights throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. He was a leading influence for the citizen’s decision to encourage their government that it was America’s job to help their allies win against the oppressive regime of the Nazi party. During the early 1900’s comic books had started to become more popular and the war did not change this. While propaganda was the art for the…show more content…
They worked for a comic company called Timely Comics which was the predecessor to the Marvel comics and was a major entertainment company in its day. The men believed that it was their job to help push the war effort and help in the propaganda field by targeting the younger crowd. The first ever issue was a major hit and the comics remain to hold a large fan base even today. The first comic released showed the Captain punching Hitler in the face and it remained a main theme throughout most of the war. After the Pearl harbor attacks, Cap was seen fighting emperor Hirohito as well as the Europeans. In one particular issue, Captain can be seen dropping both Hitler and Stalin off at the league of nations so that they could receive the proper punishment for their crimes. The All-American hero was exactly what we needed at such a time and although he lost some of his following after the war he still played a big role in the mentality of the children in that

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