Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras Research Paper

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Police Officers in America Should Wear Body Cameras Today, our justice system is having trouble with officers making bad choices by doing violence to innocent people! This makes the communities and families furious with our justice system. This is an controversy America needs to solve and one idea is called a body camera. Body cameras are cameras that go on the chest of a person. Police officers need to wear body cameras because it can prevent officers from causing the violence such as killing innocent people. Because of this, hatred is being spread on the police. Police officers should wear body cameras because it will slowly decrease dramatic incidents. Body cameras are expensive, but spending money is better than death. Body cameras are around $400, which is a lot of money. In the meantime Barack Obama has proposed a three year $263 million spending increase the use of body worn cameras. However in result there are 1.3 million police officers in America. If every police officer needs a body camera then in the other hand, the U.S needs to spend over $500 million. I am glad Obama noticed this issue and is supporting it. If body cameras are being bought then less incidents will happen. Violence is happening because police officers aren’t being monitored. If police…show more content…
Tons of protesting was happening in Ferguson, Missouri because of an incident that happened. For example Michael Brown an 18 year old African American that stole an item from the store then afterwards was chased by police officer Darren Wilson. Brown surrendered by putting his hands up, but Wilson shot Brown 12 times, which killed him. As of today people think this was racist. As you can see, an incident like this affects a lot of people. Our society doesn't need to get involved in these incidents, but they did because they

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