Guns Germs And Steel Critical Essay

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A. Guns, Germs, and Steel written by Jared Diamond holds an obvious purpose of the book: to explain why history is the way it is. It is a thought provoking idea to explain, but it certainly isn’t the first book to answer the question. At a glance, one may think this book is literally about guns and steel, and maybe the word “germ” holds a deeper meaning. After reading the book, readers will find that Guns, Germs, and Steel is, in fact, about guns, germs and steel. These three words is just an answer to the purpose of the book, not quite creative, yet no one would be expecting this at the same time. Again, why is this book so special? As stated before, it isn’t the first book to discuss how things came to be. Well, Diamond answers this himself in his epilogue, “I am thus optimistic that historical studies of human societies can be pursued as scientifically as studies of dinosaurs…” The way Diamond attacks history to find answers is quite exceptional. He believes history and science are quite alike. He does “natural experiments” and gathers evidence in a more scientific way. And so, Guns, Germs, and Steel, although it…show more content…
Diamond uses a variety of types of evidence ranging from maps to documents. In the beginning part of the book, Diamond uses a large number of scientific evidence (most likely due to his belief of history and science being alike). He discusses matters like the size of the seeds of prehistoric grass and how diseases evolved. In later chapters, he uses a lot of maps to point out where certain events happened in these areas. In the chapter where he speaks of axis orientations affecting diffusion, Diamond uses a map of the globe and arrows to call attention to the directions of the spread in major continents. He additionally uses documents like he had when speaking of the Atahuallpa’s capture. Diamond uses these types evidence well. It does not confuse readers and instead helps readers visualize and thoroughly understand the matter the author speaks

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