Propaganda In The Korean War

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The Korean War is one of the most controversial wars that the United States was involved in. The war is often referred to as “The forgotten War” because most Americans felt that the United States should not have gotten involved in the war. After World War II, the Soviet Union took control of the North Korea, while the United States occupied the south. The two forces had come together to defeat Japan and take control of their territories. They both originally planned to withdraw their soldiers and reunite Korea, but cold war tensions made this difficult to attain (Kreger). The two sections adopted different forms of government so this led the North and South to become drastically different in their way of living and thinking. All attempts to…show more content…
The government needed to convince many Americans that a war thousands of miles away from home was worth fighting. They needed to convince the South Koreans to fight, and North Koreans to defect and surrender to the South. Propaganda has the power to stir people into any wanted direction through the use of different techniques and by appealing to various needs of the people. Without the use of propaganda, the United States may have still been in the war, but would not have had much support for it. The in propaganda videos, posters leaflets, newspapers and other sources helped to invoke fear in the hearts of the American people. It made them view communism as an immediate threat to their freedom, security, economy, beliefs and way of life. Propaganda also assisted garnering the support of the South Koreans in fighting against the North. Even though both were once one country, propaganda succeeded in convincing the South Koreans that they had to be against the North. The Korean War, symbolized our willingness to fight against any threat to our nation, whether seen or unseen. This eventually led to the United States getting involved in Vietnam and various other foreign wars. Looking back at the war today, most people would agree that fighting the war may have been futile because Korea still remains a divided country

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