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Professional Development Introduction Professional development and proper preparation to achieve a level of expertise requires a plan. Alan Lakein says it best “He who fail to plan, plans to fail.” This paper will outline nursing practice standards of the state of Florida. A personal self- assessment of the strengths and weaknesses as a novice nurse practitioner transitioning to an expert will be provide. Also a development plan that will provide direction into success. It is important for the professional nurse to evaluate personal nursing practice as it relates to professional nursing practice standards. Autonomy and self-regulation is a characteristic of professional nursing. Nurses are accountable to both themselves and also to their clients…show more content…
A professional development plan will then be explained in order to address goals in each of the practice standard areas. Scope of Practice The American Nurses Association (ANA) has developed nursing practice standards in the areas of assessment, diagnosis, outcomes identification, planning, implementation, coordination of care, and evaluation (2010). The ANA has also outlined a code of ethics as a standard of professional performance (2010). Florida’s requirement for licensing begins at first holding an active RN license. Then to obtain a national certified nurse practitioner’s license one must complete a master’s prepared program from an accredited institution. In this program, clinical rotations must meet the required hours needed for graduation. Upon completion, the next step for obtaining a license is to apply for the license, pay the applicable fee, and then sit for a certified national exam. The fee for an initial license is $100 to upgrade…show more content…
The development plan begins with a goal. The goal as a nurse transition into a nurse practitioner to be familiar with the type of training, knowledge, experience, and scope of practice in the state of Florida for both geriatrics and acute care. Both geriatrics and acute care are two separate specialties, so the nurse can either finish her MSN-FNP program and receive a post master’s certificate in acute care or do a dual program that consist of both specialties’ in one. With the demand in her life at this moment the nurse decided to pursue her MSN-FNP and do a post-secondary certificate. Geriatric patients are usually housed in a medical-surgical unit. The nurse has worked on a med-surge unit for 6 years. As a novice nurse it took many nights of reviewing, many days of endless questions, and even more registering of continuing education which allowed her to have a solid foundation in the area of nursing. As one continue to remain in a specialty for over a 2 years you start to gain more wisdom and finally feels settled. As the years continue to build so does the knowledge, critical thinking, and making confident judgment calls becomes easy. At this point in her career she is an expert nurse. Healthcare changes every day however the change will not seem major because it’s only making her way of nursing practice better and stronger. Her weakness area in

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