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Assignment “Current hospital based learning for nurses and continuing education for professional development” Introduction Patients’ needs and care environments are becoming more complex and it demands nurses to attain requisite competencies to deliver a high quality care. These increasing demands can be entertained educating them in new ways. The nurses who are able practice across multi specialties are demand of time. This paper discusses the set of methods and practices by which healthcare sector workers particularly nurses learn while working in hospitals and what are the needs of their continuous education and training through learning in workplace? The paper examine the nature of workplace and work performed…show more content…
Individual learning occurred through reflection about subjects learned by applicability and congruence with work challenges. (Fraser, 2006) adult learning is influenced by routine exercise of activities and social interaction in the work place in non-academic contexts. (Downing, 2000) As patients are reporting complicated needs the healthcare environment is also becoming more complex. Innovations in health sector are complex and dynamic (Burke & Menachemi, 2004) but this innovation and change process in hospitals is affected by learning strategies and competencies of employees. (Jaana, Ward, Pare & Sicotte, 2006) International council of nurses describes nursing as an autonomous and collaborative care of individuals by prevention of illness, facilitation of healing, protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities. Not only treating patients, helping doctors diagnosing patients and paperwork is all what nurses are supposed to do but offering advice and emotional support to patients is also a part of nurses’…show more content…
Florence Nightingale found that nurses do need to learn constantly through observation, experience and should also seek new knowledge and new evidence. Nurses can learn through academic detailing, educational materials, reading journals, attending conferences, meetings and seminars of nurses but hospital- based learning enables them to bridge the gap between the theory and practical. Nurses acquire, interpret, recognize and assimilate information and skills. (Marsick & Watkins, 1990) Continuous education definitely can change professional behavior, can enhance knowledge base and improve skill level. (Dickerson, 2010) nothing but workplace can be the best place to learn as suggested by John Dewy (2004) that ‘learning should be uniquely integrated with life’ Sheperd(1995) suggested that most effective form of continuing education should be: flexible, of short duration, sectioned into blocks of study that should be scheduled in

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