The Jealousy In The Movie, The Green-Eyed Monster

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In the reading “The Green-Eyed Monster” the writer explained the envy and how it is different from the jealous. According to the reading envy can be defined by rancor, greed, and anger. The writer defined the word envy after he looked to the great thinkers’ definitions and dictionaries definitions to define the word envy. Also, he explained the difference between envy and yearning, jealousy, resentment, and schadenfreude. He explained these thinks as a general thinks, but envy is more than general. Envy is out of control power leads the person to show his or her rancor, greed, anger, and everything else that prove his or her envy. Epstein defined envy as a malice that cannot speak its name, cold-blooded but secret hostility, important desire,…show more content…
It showed the people about the difference between envy and jealous. Jealous is a power inside a person when he or she wants something that the other person has. It is a control power. For example, in the movie the viewer can see the jealous between Steve and Kate who supposed to be husband and wife, but the reality is they are marketing sellers. Although Steve and Kate jealous one from the other, they uses this jealous to be a benefit motivation for them work. However the person can control the jealous inside his or her body, envy is out of control power. For example, Larry and Summer neighbors of the Steve family in the movie. The neighbors have envy from Steve family because they have money, big house with technology, luxury car, and many things that they don’t have. They show them envy by doing the same thing that Steve family do although they don’t know the reality of this family. As a result, Larry and his wife led them to take too much money from the bank as debts although they couldn’t repay the money. When Larry realized the reality of Steve family, he killed himself because his envy led him to destroy his life and his family life. The movie tries to teach the viewers a lesson about envy and how it is dangerous and harmful affect the person life and the family life. The person should live the life he or she has and avoid the envy and jealous. If the person has jealous or envy, he or she should try to

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