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Professional Development Values I believe the greatest value that brought me to social work is empathy. I found myself reaching out to the children in my classroom who were labeled bad kids when really they are just misunderstood. Society labels them and takes away their chance to get the help they need. They are a victim of their environment who deserve and have a right to respect, to be safe and to be happy. Which also shows that I value fairness and justice which everyone deserves. Children unfortunately do not always receive. I do value helping people in general but children especially. I am always doing things for others. It has always given me a good feeling and I am the type to give rather than receive. The happiness of others is a…show more content…
This is huge for me, I used to be a quiet and shy person even at the beginning of my college career. Today I am much different, initiating conversations with people I do not know and speaking up and asking questions. Thanks to taking an initiative I will be helping with some key events at my practicum and also attending and helping with foster care orientations and training. I have realized that I do not deal well with feeling helpless. After a recent visit to a client who obviously need some interventions but due to guidelines it was out of our hands I was very upset. This situation made me feel very helpless. I unfortunately had some personal issues in my life where I also felt helpless. I learned that when I feel this way I have a tendency to turn it into unhealthy anxiety. Although I have known that this path was the right one for me since beginning the social work program, I know that working in my practicum has verified it for me. I absoulutly love working there and learning everything I can. I have to agree with a fellow student who said it feels odd to say I love this job. But I do love this job, it is what we are trying to accomplish not the situation that we love. When I am playing with a child who is happy, healthy, and safe that is what I love, when a client says thank you for taking my child and turning my life around, that is what I love, when I am planning events that will help foster families, that is what I

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