Problems In Elementary Education

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COMMON FAMILY PROBLEMS PAPER (20 points): I am currently a junior studying elementary education with a minor in child development. Being a third generation educator, I would definitely agree I have found my purpose in life. Before starting college, I knew education would be the right fit because of my family, but being able to experience my degree and getting involved in my college, I know I am an elementary educator. I have a strong passion for education and I am excited to do advocacy work throughout my career. I believe that with better teachers we are going to have better students which leads to a better world. Teachers play a huge role in developing a child’s life and creating a safe environment that the child. can go to find comfort…show more content…
As individuals are developing, they often have major dream and aspirations, but I often wonder how many actually reach their goals. Throughout their life, individuals are in a environment that is constantly changing and people are coming in and out of their lives. I believe that each changes may allow individuals to give up on their goals and their plans become inconsistent. This inconsistency allows room for individuals to get distracted by outside influences and change their plans. When adults show signs of inconsistency with their children they are modeling, how to give up on dreams and the cycle is often repeated. Some of the outside influences may be money, love, or drugs. Often individuals have good intentions when they are completing a task, but these influences may cause their intentions and mindset to be blurred. If individuals value commitment, then they will be able to see the end goal and not let distractions phase…show more content…
As a teacher, I plan to help my students develop a strong set of goals values. By developing these values, I hope they will find their purpose. I will help them realize that they have support from in their teachers, counselors and mentors. I would gather strong and committed administrators to develop a mentoring program to assist the students build their confidence. As strong mentors, we can develop a committed group of administrators that have the passion to help others. In school systems, I think that there should be more resources for children to feel comfortable and develop a strong community. From my point of view, children are the place that we need to pour in our resources. While children are developing, it is the time to raise awareness in self confidence. If we pour into the children to ensure that they are strong in their values and are willing to commit to their goals, their future will be

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