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Three Judges in a beauty pageant evaluating girls. First judge ticks:"too short". Second judge marks:"love handles, chubby, fat cow, fat thighs, bulgy, huge, large hips etc...". While the third judge says:" this girl is way too ugly and that girl; whoa, I can't even look at her face." Criticism, criticism, and more criticism. All the judges do is criticize, attacks, and judge fragile girls with hurtful, triggering, and irritating words. Playing with mommy's high heels and makeup is one thing, but transforming your young daughter to correlate with and resemble a barbie-doll is something different. This dilemma lies in beauty pageants. Where it is a contest that is based on perfection and looks. Contestants are judged merely on their performance on stage, demonstration of confidence, and physical attractiveness. In short, participants are required to look beautiful, to be perfect, and to perform flawlessly. I believe it is time to get rid of beauty pageants as it is harmful to sensitive girls in a multitude way. For instance, body dissatisfaction, feeling of narcissism (N.P.D), and huge decline in self-esteem. Naomi Wolf once said:" In terms of how we feel about ourselves physically, we may actually be worse off than unliberated grandmothers."Why? Because of how "cruelly images of female beauty have…show more content…
Self-esteem can be compromised by receiving regular criticism from the judges. Intense participation in activities, like beauty pageants, that sheds light on physical appearance instills the idea that physical beauty is the key to success, thus making self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth inextricably tied to attractiveness. 8 of 10 ten year old girls have been on a diet, 42% of 3rd graders want to be thinner, and 37% of 42% girls have already dieted is all statistics caused from criticism and decline of

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