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What would it be like to inspire young children, help them grow, and engage them with new knowledge and subjects they have never heard of before? An effective elementary school teacher can do all of these things. When entering the field of an elementary teacher, there is a wide variety of duties the teachers must conduct. These teachers must be organized, creative, and have a vast amount of knowledge in all subjects. The correct way to become a member of this exciting field is by getting the proper education, enriching teaching experiences, and learning from a seasoned teacher. Once the student graduates from college and obtains a license to teacher, the new teacher has many classroom responsibilities. The early childhood education teacher…show more content…
Understanding the undergraduate program needed and the licensure desired for early childhood education will assist anyone who wants to teach young children. “How to Become”, is an article which describes the education required to attain a elementary school teaching position. Becoming an elementary school teacher requires a specific amount of schooling, including high school and college. Graduating from high school or receiving a GED is imperative. Achieving a diploma is the first step, but a college diploma is the most important step. While attending a university, the student must get, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in elementary education (“Kindergarten Teachers”). This degree will take four years to complete, including learning to instruct a classroom along with preparing for the certification test. During the four years of working toward an early childhood education degree, professors will “emphasize giving students the skills to work specifically with children” (“Teaching Degrees”). Once the student graduates, they must obtain a license to teach which can lead to a future job. Depending on the state and if his or her is teaching in a public school, the teacher candidate needs to take a test to receive his or her teaching license. Teachers for preschool through third grade need a different license then first through sixth grade. All of the classes taken should prepare the college student for his or her career. Gaining a bachelor’s degree and teaching license are required to become an elementary

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